NEWS - 24 May 2016


The hairdryer for barber shops


Known only amongst hipsters until short time ago, they have now become a popular trend in hairdressing: barber shops. VALERA has the hairdryer for vintage settings and today’s real men: the Classic 1955 combines the style and charm of yesteryear with the professional standards of hair stylists and their trendy customers of today. Technology and tradition, power and endurance, design and convenience. Aren’t these contradictory? No, they’re claims! The Classic 1955 lives up to them all: a professional chrome-plated premium steel hairdryer with guaranteed cool touch, powerful and reliable in an elegant retro design with functional lines.

Fitted with

• robust LONG-LIFE AC Universal motor,

• ions generator,

• six air flow/temperature settings,

• cold air button,

• ripple wire SECURITY heating element,

• 3 meters of SuperFlex cable,

• the exclusive Valera TOUCH ME cool nozzle and

• removable metal filter.

The hairdryer, designed and manufactured in Switzerland, meets the highest power and reliability standards. A fabric bag in the same color as the elegant burgundy color of the handle is also provided for stylish storage.

CLASSIC 1955: the original metallic hairdryer for salons, as in the good old days. From Valera, Swiss hair specialists since 1955.

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