Swiss Hair Specialists


VALERA focuses exclusively on haircare. Accordingly, we are absolute specialists in this area and have an extent of know-how that non-specialist manufacturers of small electrical appliances can not have.

VALERA's expertise is based on the experience gained in VALERA's three areas of activity:

  • Professional sector for the hairdressing industry – VALERA PROFESSIONAL,
  • Personal sector for private use – VALERA SWISS HAIR SPECIALISTS,
  • Hospitality sector for the hotel industry – VALERA HOSPITALITY.

In all three markets VALERA stands for Swiss quality, reliability and professionalism.

VALERA PROFESSIONAL: Tools for hair stylists

VALERA's expertise has always been based on a close collaboration with the professional hairdressing industry. We work together with renowned hair stylists in our product development. VALERA attends the most important trade fairs and events, and is one of the best selling brands in the hairdressing sector. Every day, thousands of hair stylists around the world trust in the technological superiority of VALERA professional appliances to style and maintain their customers' hair. VALERA designs professional haircare appliances to the highest standards of quality and reliability. They make hairstylists' daily work easier and guarantee a respectful approach to the natural beauty of people's hair. For creativity with precision, for styling with respect.

VALERA SWISS HAIR SPECIALISTS: Haircare appliances for private use

VALERA's expertise in the professional hairdressing sector and our close cooperation with hairstylists also brings advantages to the domestic sector of haircare appliances. VALERA applies this haircare and styling expertise to a wide range of products for home users: It includes hairdryers and straighteners, curling irons and various styling tools, hair clippers and trimmers, curlers and hot air stylers.

VALERA HOSPITALITY: Hairdryers for hotel use

From day one, VALERA was always active in the hotel hairdryer business and has gained an excellent level of expertise over the years when it comes to hospitality requirements. We understand the special requirements hotels have in providing hairdryers. On this basis VALERA keeps developing new models of the highest quality, offering the customer comfort and reliability. The sales results confirm our commitment. The best hotels in the world have chosen VALERA hairdryers: Kempinski, Marriott, Swissotel, Intercontinental, Radisson, Peninsula, Hilton, Renaissance, Möwenpick, Jolly, Taj Mahal, Sheraton, Novotel, Holiday Inn, etc. Every year more than 150,000 hotel rooms around the world are equipped with a VALERA hairdryer – VALERA is the Number 1 in hotel hairdryers. Hand dryers and magnifying mirrors complement our range of products to suit hotels.