NEWS - 27 May 2015


Plus X Award for Swiss Power4ever


The top of the range professional hairdryer from VALERA, the Swiss Power4ever, gained the world's largest innovation award for technology, sports and lifestyle, the "Plus X Award". The Swiss Power4ever won three categories straight out: High Quality, Design and Ease of Use. The Plus X Award expert panel of judges also awarded the hairdryer the title of “2015/2016 Best Product of the Year”.

For 12 years, the Plus X Award has honoured the most innovative brands and communicated technological progress, starting from 2015 under the slogan "Innovation for today & tomorrow”. VALERA is proud to have its name added to the list of well-known brands that already received this accolade.  

VALERA quite rightly calls the Swiss Power4ever a "hairdryer for life" with the "performance of the next generation". Thanks to its brushless BLDC motor and exclusive Smart Airflow Technology, Swiss Power4ever is extremely powerful (dries up to 50% faster) and exceptionally durable, yet ultra quiet. As well as these quality features, the panel of judges were impressed with its elegant design and extreme ease of use: ergonomics plus exclusive accessories like ROTOCORD (swivel cord for maximum freedom of movement) and TOUCH ME (styling nozzle stays cool during blow-drying).